This website houses information to help Career and Technology Studies (CTS) teachers search for & borrow resources and take professional development to improve their ability to personalize learning in the classroom.

CTS Physical Resources

1. Alberta Education authorized resources data base

The Alberta Education Authorized Resources Data Base houses authorized resources that are CTS subject specific (BIT, HRH, MDC, NAT, and TMT): Alberta Education Resource Data Base.

Teachers can search for physical resources, and find out where to preview and/or purchase them.  

2. Calgary Board of Education e-library database

Access the Collection

Our collection can be searched using CBE’s eLibrary catalogue - https://ims.cbe.ab.ca. Please follow the instructions below to search for specific items.

Search the Collection

Use the Quick Search screen to do a simple search within eLibrary.

  1. Enter your search string (words to search by)
  2. Choose to search by either  words or phrase, author, title, subject, or series
  3. Choose “*Southern AB CTS Review Centre” library to search in
  4. Click “Search”


Search by CTS Cluster:

To search for resources that are specific to a CTS cluster (BIT, NAT, HRH, TMT or
MDC), enter the name of the cluster and choose “words or phrases”. Example:

To choose additional search words within the cluster, use “AND” in your search, or alternatively use the power search


Search for CTF specific resources

To search for resources specific to CTF, enter “Career and Technology Foundations” and choose “words or phrases”. Example:

Borrowing Resources

This professional collection is available online through eLibrary, or it can be viewed in person at the CT Centre at Lord Shaughnessy school in Calgary.

  1. Search for the resource(s) you would like
  2. Email us at southalbertactsresourcecentre@cbe.ab.ca with the following information:
    1. Southern Alberta CTS Resource Library ID (if you do not have a Library ID, please write "Library ID needed - please provide")
    2. Your name
    3. Your school's name
    4. Your school's address and postal code
    5. List the resources that you would like to borrow

Our staff will work to secure your resources and send them to your school location.
Materials may be borrowed for 1 month.

The collection can be viewed in person at the CT Centre in Lord Shaughnessy, in Calgary AB, during regular hours. Please email us to setup an appointment.”

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